Please allow 5-10 days for production prior to shipment of most items.
Please allow 5-10 days for production prior to shipment of most items.
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From an early age, Joel Pilcher knew he wanted to be a wildlife artist. Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, his fascination with the outdoors fueled his imagination and drove his passion to, someday, create artistic works that celebrate the world as he saw it. After serving a mission for his church, he returned home and picked up where he left off, working for his dad’s contracting company in the construction industry. It wasn’t long before Joel decided it was time to set out on the artistic adventure he had been dreaming about for decades. 

After a few weeks of looking, Joel found a job as a graphic designer with a company called Del Sol. He worked there for two years, then (with the blessing and support of his loving wife) went on his own as a freelance designer. Over the next decade he did contract work for many companies inside and out of the outdoor industry. He even had the opportunity to co-found a few businesses including a marketing firm called Zulu Six, the outdoor supplement company Mtn Ops, and Hoofit Socks. He learned a lot from the failures and successes experienced with each venture.

As Joel's career in marketing and design progressed, he always wondered if there was still a possibility that he could be successful as a fine artist. In early 2017, Joel decided to give it a go—and it was the best career decision he's ever made.

Joel enjoys painting, but often returns to his first love of charcoal. He is drawn to the classic and timeless aesthetics of black and white artwork. He has recently developed a new and unique technique where he uses charcoal on pre-primed and stretched canvas, creating a more durable and archival final charcoal product. He has always considered art to be an adventure and he's constantly pushing his limits and working to try new things and improve.

Joel lives in northern Utah with his wife and five children. He loves creating art and really enjoys seeing the pleasure others experience in viewing his work. He has so many ideas and projects he wants to develop and hopes to be creating for a very long time.