Please allow 5-10 days for production prior to shipment of most items.
Please allow 5-10 days for production prior to shipment of most items.
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Do you sell your artwork?
Yes. All available artwork can be purchased here on my website. If you’re interested in one of my available originals, please contact me for pricing.
Do you take requests/commissions?
Yes, I do occasionally accept commissions. However, I limit the commissions I accept to requests for general subjects/animal species so I can pull from my own reference libraries to create the composition. Unfortunately, I am not currently able to take on personalized commissions or projects where I draw from a photo sent in by a customer. Contact me for more info.

What is an original?
An original is the actual physical canvas that I paint/draw on by hand. It starts out blank and I add layer after layer of medium to create the image. There is only one of each original and it shows more detail, value and texture than what can be replicated in a reproduction print.

What are prints?
Prints are reproductions or copies of originals. Once an original is finished, it is photographed and a digital file is created and sent off to a print shop to be reproduced/printed on various substrates including paper and canvas.

What is the difference between the paper and canvas prints?
While both are extremely high quality, the canvas is more durable and provides more framing options including a gallery wrap. The paper is a heavy stock matte finish.
What is a limited edition?
I only hand sign a limited number of reproduction prints for each piece of artwork I create. The hand signed prints are also hand numbered. These limited editions can range in number from 30 to as high as 500 prints per size. Once the full number of prints in the edition has been printed, signed, numbered and sold, there will never be any more hand signed prints of that artwork available.

What is an open edition?
An open edition is a run of reproduction prints that is not hand signed or numbered and is therefore unlimited. It will continue to be printed and available for purchase indefinitely. 

Where can I find a frame?
A frame can be ordered at any custom frame shop. Diamond M Woodworks ( creates amazing custom rustic frames. For more affordable custom size frames, is also a great option.

What’s the “sticky thingy” you use in your time lapse videos?
It’s called a mahl stick and it’s used to steady my hand and prevent smearing.

What surface do you draw on?
Recently I’ve been doing all of my work on canvas including my charcoal drawings.

How do you prep your canvas for charcoal?
I buy it off of Amazon and it comes pre primed and stretched. I don’t do any other prep work to it. I just unwrap it and start drawing or painting.

Do you seal your charcoal work when finished?
Yes. I spray it with a matte finish then brush on an isolation coat and then a varnish. My charcoal originals are extremely durable when finished. They can be displayed without glass or worry of them being damaged. See my YouTube video for more details on the process: How I Seal My Charcoal on Canvas Originals

What kind of charcoal do you use?
Mostly General’s brand vine and powder charcoal.